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AJ Bombers wins first round of Burger ‘tweeting’ contest

UPDATE – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2009: Rd-1 results are in! @Stackedbar 50.14pts – @ajbombers 115pts. WINNER and MKE’s BEST BURGER = @ajbombers

After local twitterers proposed a “burger off” between Stack’d Bar and AJ Bombers, the city’s newest burger joints have announced a #BURGERCHALLENGE between the two this week.

The Challenge:

Starting TODAY at lunch through 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, Twitterers can order any one of three “challenge” burgers from @AJBombers and @Stackedbar and cast a vote on their personal Twitter page.

The burger faceoff includes a cheeseburger, a specialty burger and a vegetarian option – scored on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. The Twitter-based challenge requires the following:

Voting Tweets must include:

  • @Stackedbar or @AJBombers
  • Burger Score (1 to 5) (5 = best)
  • Receipt Number

Since each place has their own menu favorites, owners Tim Dixon of Stack’d and Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers selected three menu items. At Stack’d, guests will judge the Hangover Stack, Blackbean Stack or a Build-your-own cheeseburger. At AJ Bombers, guests can sample a Bomber Burger, Stuffed ‘Shroom Burger or an AJ Burger with Cheese. If diners order any of these burgers as their challenge meal, they’ll receive $1 off bottles from Lakefront Brewery or specials on Rehorst vodka and gin.

Both owners jumped at the chance to highlight Milwaukee burger restaurants, as well as local beer and liquor, as a way to draw attention to local fare. Tim Dixon owns both Stack’d and The Iron Horse Hotel, while Joe Sorge and his wife Angie own AJ Bombers, Swig and Water Buffalo.

The faceoff pits the South versus the North, representing both ends of downtown Water Street. Stack’d Bar is located at 170 S. First St. in Milwaukee’s 5th Ward Kramer Foundry, and AJ Bombers is located at 1247 N. Water St.

More Information:

AJ Bombers
1247 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Phone: 414-221-9999

Stacked Burger Bar
701 S. 1st St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: 414- 273-7800

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