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Alterra Cafe and Bakery in Bay View slated to open June 1

Alterra Bay View meets at the intersections of Kinnickinnic, Howell, and Lincoln avenues. Photo: Alterra

We first told you about Alterra’s plan to relocate its current bakery/commissary operations, and open a new cafe in the Bay View neighborhood  last November. This week, Alterra announced on its website that shovels broke ground this past Friday and construction has begun on the site of the new Café and Bakery.

In May, the Maritime Bank building was razed to make way for the new project.  Alterra says that a significant portion of the razed structure will either be reused or reclaimed. In addition to making use of recycled materials, the Alterra Bay View project also highlights water conservation through a number of innovative features. For example, Runoff water from the roof will be stored and used to water landscaping surrounding the building.

Photo: Alterra

Additional elements of the project include a focus on improved pedestrian access, sheltered vertical bike parking, “swing set” outdoor seating, and a new bus shelter designed with multi-modal commuters in mind.

Construction of the 15,000 sq. ft building is slated for completion by June 1, 2012 with plans to have a roof in place before snow falls this year.

The first Alterra cafe opened in 1994 and today the company operates eleven cafes.

To view more artist renderings of the Bay View project please click here.

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