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GQ names Milwaukee’s Streetza one of America’s Best Food Trucks

Streetza, Milwaukee’s new Mobile Pizza restaurant launched in May, 2009 but is already gaining National attention with its most recent write-up inside GQ’s list of the 10 Best Food Trucks in America.

Streetza was the first mobile-restaurant concept in the Milwaukee area to broadcast its location via its social network friends on twitter, facebook and myspace.

What is a Streetza pizza? Here’s what we found on their website…

“Bringing you delicious pizza by the slice. The perfect thickness. Right in-between New York Style and Chicago Style is Streetza Style. A perfect crust, flakey on the inside, crisp on the outside. Not too thin, not too thick. Just like your Italian grandmother would make if you locked her in the back of a truck. Available with you favorite fresh toppings – by the slice. And for the record, size does matter. Which is why our slices are huge. 1/6 of a 17″ pizza, means one will be more than enough to curb your late-night hunger.”

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